Thursday, September 10, 2009

Translation Party/ GIBAMASHAI!

Translation Party!

If you are ever bored and are a huge language nerd this is the website for you.

Also, for my faithful fourth year Japanese students, please enjoy some local dialect.

In Japan there are many different dialects- some differ so much it would be hard for a person in one prefecture to understand the speech of another. Like America, there is a standard dialect (go midwest!!) which is the Tokyo dialect or kyōtsūgo 共通語. Mostly everyone speaks to me in the kyōtsūgo but sometimes they let some Izumo-ben, or Izumo dialect, slip. Here are some of my favorite examples so far:

だんだん dan dan  = ありがとう arigatou = thank you
This is the most common izumo-ben, plus it sounds cute. We went to the Dan Dan Festival that first week!
ばんじまして banjimashite = おやすみ oyasumi = Good night!
I used this one once and got told I sounded like an old lady. Oops.
そげそげ soge soge = そうかそうかsouka souka = Hmm, is that so?
ぎばむ gibamu = がんばる ganbaru = Do your best/good luck.
I think when people use this verb in command form it sounds like gibamashai! Very odd.
ぐすい gusui = かるい karui = dark

For more check out this handy Izumo-Ben Dictionary (good luck though, I had trouble with all the kanji). I was told that after coming to Shimane I would sound in Japanese like a country girl, and with any luck this dream can come true ;)


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  1. Hilarious and awesome site! I typed in "Happy Birthday, Asshole," and it said, "Equilibrium found! Shame on you, by the way." Too funny!