Thursday, December 3, 2009

More Random

I've started to really get used to Okuizumo and my life here. Although I still curse Japan's lack of central heating and its great great love of ceremony or how everything has a certain and specific way to be done- I'm in a good place. I like the kids, I get along great with the teachers and my supervisor, and I get to do all sorts of cool traditional Japanese stuff (last week I did tatara- please look forward to a blog soon!). And I'm getting paid. Nice.

In other news I slammed my finger in a door at Kamedake Elementary school and fainted. Right after it happened I swore loudly (with impunity- thanks language barrier!) and thought that was the end of it. Then the pain set in, and the world started spinning . . . I'm a pain fainter. Ms. Countryman, if you read this you'll remember that fateful Japanese class with twister and Tommy Charlesworth- oh dear. Anyway I'm sure I gave the student who came to get me a good scare. From there I embarked in my first adventure with Japanese hospitals. I learned that there are separate words in Japanese for breaking bones and other "small" objects than for things like cars or windows. My finger is not broken but my knitting schedule is slightly compromised. . . sigh.

I made an advent calendar for my middle school and told the students that if they come ask me in English about the words they don't know they will get a present. Usually presents are enough to entice even the most shy of students, and Wednesday five girls came to talk to me. So far they've learned about candy canes and Rudolph. My evil plan to take over the world though chocolate and christmas is working.


  1. Will you please take a picture of your advent calendar? I would love to see it. I never even thought of making one myself. I got the man one and it's like he's a kid again. Yay for the simple things in life.

  2. Great idea with the advent calender!!! :D

    And I'm sorry to hear about your finger, but on the upside, at least it wasn't worse...U_U

    I take it no Xmas party on the 12th? :(

  3. I just ran across this site and I started reading your blogs. I really like reading about your adventures in Japan lol