Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I came home for Christmas.

This is both more and less complicated than it sounds. Booking both an international and domestic flight, taking the necessary planes, buses, trains and cars to get to my destination, and negotiating visits with the necessary fabulous people can almost be more complicated than heart surgery. Coming home was process that started as soon as I came to Japan: the promise of a meeting with my loved ones carried me through some hard times here in the sticks. But at the same time I have to marvel at how, if necessary, I can leave the mountains of Okuizumo in the heart of Japan and fly halfway across the world home to the cornfields of Indiana in the span of twenty-four hours. It's a pretty great age we live in.

Being home was weird and wonderful. My visit was just a drop of time- singular and self-contained. I hugged people I hadn't hugged in six months and it almost felt like only days had passed since we parted. Being home, Okuizumo seemed like a strange dream. Now I'm back, and it's almost like my time in Indiana was a dream as well. But without being too cheesy I'd like to say that the warmth of my friends and family will carry me through the cold days of winter we all have to survive these next few months.

Just some highlights:

Hanging with the fabulous Megumi in Tokyo

Ministry of Silly Walks with my best man, best friend, and best older sister (well, I had to follow the pattern Cassie)cookie time

the family
my tokyo host family with Mami-san sitting next to me, Kazuki-kun on her lap, and Yuusuke-kun on mine (Mami-san was pregnant with him last time I saw them! Oh my!)

Happy New Year, guys :)

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  1. I'm so happy that I got to see you! It really did feel like just yesterday - six months ago. Can't wait until "tomorrow". :)