Monday, July 27, 2009

Breath Etiquette/ Communication

As many of you know I've arrived in Japan safe and sound- not even too jet-lagged due to my patented technique of staying awake the night before and then sleeping like a drunken zombie on the airplane. Life so far is pretty great. I've staved away homesickness by talking to a lot of people. The fact that my two favorite Japanese friends were awesome and took me out last night didn't hurt either. It was my first experience at an Izakaya, which is like a bar slash restaraunt slash awesome place to consume treats. It was so good to see them :) We tried an unusual drink that was supposedly made of soy milk, alcohol, and strawberries. It wasn't so terrible after you got over the fact that it tasted like liquid alcoholic tofu. Megumi is trying to convince me to run the Tokyo marathon or at least a half marathon in Kyoto which is a great idea except that I've gotten pretty lazy after the Indy mini. But we'll see.
This morning some friends and I ventured out to a convenience store for lotion and toothpaste and various other sundries. The toothpaste was labeled for "Breath Etiquette/Communication". It's this kind of statement that makes me love Japan.
Today is orientations all day, and tomorrow as well. On Wednesday I leave for my tiny town in my rural prefecture. Life is on a roll.

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