Saturday, July 4, 2009


I like traveling to different places. Seeing new landscapes, savoring new foods, hearing new accents and languages- who can resist? But traveling is the suck. Currently I'm stationed near a plug at gate 68B in LAX waiting for my flight to board to Vietnam. This will be the longest flight ever. I mean seriously- I woke up at three this morning to board a plane to Phoenix which then transferred to LA. I will then board a twelve hour flight to Narita and layover there until my six hour flight to Ho Chi Minh. which will arrive around 11 pm Saturday night. That's almost two DAYS of my life spent on a plane or in the airport.
But if I weren't positive this is all worth it, I wouldn't bother ;)


  1. lol - traveling on a plane for that long especially when you're traveling in coach is balls! you better take lots of pictures! oh and be safe! lol:D

  2. That is too much time in airports/planes - but I know it will definitely be worth it for you! Have an ABSOLUTELY awesome time!