Thursday, July 16, 2009

Water Puppets

In Vietnam there is a curious form of entertainment known as water puppets.

I'm really not sure of the logistics behind these things- it's not as if the puppeteer stands underneath the puppet like normal. Anyway we went to the Vietnamese Cultural Museum to see a real water puppet show. It was pretty cool even though I didn't exactly understand what was going on. The museum itself also was fairly interesting; there were a lot of old pots and dioramas of ancient battles. There were no interactive cyber-adventures or anything but what can you expect for 75 cents? Kimi, Moto and I took a pilgrimage to try and find the laser tag center in Saigon but we encountered a problem kind of unique to this country. It's not as if most businesses have their own website or anything here, and I don't think there is a phonebook. Streets are crowded with hundreds and hundreds of shops. So if you want to go somewhere you have to just know. We drove an hour to go to laser tag only to find out the address we'd secured was for a dentist's office. So we found the nearest mall, had a snack at the foodcourt, and returned home.
Today is my last day, and I intend to make the best of it.

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