Tuesday, July 14, 2009


As for the lack of updates I must blame the introduction of Grand Theft Auto to my list of ways to wase time internationally. From this game I have learned three things- 1. If you are being chased by cops just hide. They will forget about you and then ignore you 2. Mini vans do not make good escape vehicles and 3. It is much easier to drive like a freaking lunatic than to drive normally.

Anyway, on Saturday ago we picked Motohide's little brother, Kimihide up from the airport so now the entire Ho family has assembled in Vietnam. He had just gotten in from Denmark, which is apparently a pretty cool place because the Danish drink like Vikings. It is also one of the most expensive places on Earth.

On Sunday we went to the War Museum which was really a somber experience. In the States learning about the Vietnam war we of course get the American perspective, which is a lot less harsh of course than the Vietnamese perspective. The images posted in the museum were brutal. Brutalized civilians, the effects of agent orange, ravaged towns- these were the images that crowded the walls at this museum. I felt so small. I can't believe the things people can do to each other sometimes.

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