Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Contact me PLEASE! and Yokota/横田

Okuizumo is actually comprised of two smaller towns joined in to one. Yokota is actually where all the action is- it's where the Board of Education where I'm currently working is located, it has the two big department stores, and it has the other English speakers. They banished me to Nita, the other town, so I could live in an all girls apartment. It seems they are pretty strict about gender segregation. Now it is a twenty minute car ride through the mountains to get to Yokota, maybe twelve or thirteen kilometers. "I can bike that" I said to myself. "I've biked farther than that in the states". I failed to take in to account that I was IN THE FREAKING MOUNTAINS! and that eight miles uphill is a lot different than on flat roads. Anyway, an hour and a half later I arrived in Yokota like the Amazon woman I am, sweating and stinky- pleased not to be in Nita. As I was there Fukuda-san, my advisor who worries about me and about everything concerning my safety, called me and wanted to make sure I was ok (my bike was gone from in front of my apt). I assured her I was fine, I just happened to bein Yokota. Now the entire staff at the BOE take much glee in recounting my feat.
There was also a small festival in Yokota in front of the train station this weekend. It was tiny- less than a block big- but cute. There was a Ninja Warrior style stilt walking contest, and someone gave me a cute balloon toy because I had blonde hair. Several local kindergartens put on shows which was ridiculously adorable. Here is the video!

Anyway, for those of you who would like to send me mail (and please please do!) you can send it to:

Shimane-ken Nita-gun  Okuizumo-cho Shimoai 335-1
Dainidanchi Room 313
Natalie Borges 〒699-1622

my cell phone number is 09037446652 (not that this will be much use to most of you but do call me if you can!) and my cell phone email address is nvborges@ezweb.ne.jp (you can send an email on the PC and it will go direct to my phone- fancy!)

Contact me! I LOVE IT

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