Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Japanese Toilets

I would classify Japanese toilets into three distinct categories-
1. The Super Awesome Cool Toilet Yay!
This toilet is a Western style seated toilet. It has a built-in seat warmer, a bidet, and will make noises (known as
音姫 or "Princess Sounds) so that while you tinkle other people only hear a rushing river. Now why that sound is preferable to the normal, human sound I'm not totally sure. But there it is. Some even have seats that massage your buttocks.
2. The Normal Toilet
This toilet is also Western style- the only difference between this one and one in the states is that when you flush you can choose between
BIG or small flush according to your needs.
3. The Japanese style toilet
This is a "squat" toilet. Now, while my apartment thankfully has style # 2, all the toilets at the Board of Education are Japanese style toilets.
So this is what I face everyday. I have learned many things so far in Japan. One is that women can, in fact, aim when they pee. Who knew?
On the plus side, there is a Princess Sound box on the side of the toilets at the BOE too, so at least I'm still civilized.

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