Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hiroshima: The aftermath

As I'm writing this blog I would like to let you all know that I am drinking Suntory C.C. Lemon- a drink that claims to have "70 lemons' worth of Vitamin C in every Bottle."

Take that, scurvy.

Anyway, ever since our trip to Hiroshima Ian has not been feeling well. He gets car sick even worse than I do, and on the way back we had to make a stop to let him "look at the bugs" as I now affectionately call it. But ever since our trip he's been feeling nauseated. Now one day is totally understandable, but as he still felt sick three days later he decided enough was enough. He told the BOE and they freaked out. You see, an case of the H-1-N-1 Flu was recorded last week at the Elementary school in Ai. Mysterious hand washing stations have popped up everywhere, and I keep hearing them phone random people about the case. Naturally when they found Ian to be sick they assumed the worst. So yesterday morning, just as I was complaining bitterly in my head about being bored, Fukuda-san and the BOE asked me to accompany Ian and Takahashi-san, another gaijin-wrangler, to the hospital.

Well, not hospital really. Japan has a lot of small health centers and we went to one a few minutes' walk away. I was a bit nervous when we walked in- it was crowded with coughing old people. I reminded myself it was not me getting examined and continued along the narrow hall. Let me tell you, sitting in on an examination of another person I just met was certainly awkward, especially when I had to translate things like "Have you been pooping normally?". Oh dear. I had heard tales of Japanese health centers but had never been, thankfully. It was certainly an interesting experience. Ian now is taking gross medicine three times a day and hopefully will not die.

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  1. Does that tasty beverage taste tasty? You tell that scurvy where to shove it!
    I'm totally digging these blogs. It's like I'm there, too. If only, if only....